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What is this?
LinkLogr is a convenient way to store links. Once you create an account (which takes about ten seconds) and drag a bookmark into your bookmarks toolbar, you're ready to begin storing links. Whenever you are visiting a page you want to bookmark, just hit the "LinkLogr" button and the bookmark will be stored. You can even annotate your links.

Why would you want to do this? Often when you're surfing the web, you might come across a page you want to come back to later - either because it's too long to read at the moment, or simply something noteworthy. LinkLogr is not designed to replace your browser's bookmarks function. Browser bookmarks are better for lists of sites you make regular repeat visits to. However, browser bookmarks tend to get unwieldy if you want to add hundreds of links to it. LinkLogr is more suited for linking things like news articles which you might want to come back to in the future. LinkLogr is also portable - browser bookmarks generally don't travel with you if you switch computers.

The FAQ and Directions pages have more information.



To get started, drag one or both of the bookmarklets below to your bookmarks toolbar, create an account and off you go.

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LinkLogr has stored 291 links.

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