Getting set up

First, you will need to install a "bookmarklet" on your browser's bookmarks toolbar (or favorites bar). See the next subheading for how to instal a LinkLogr bookmarklet.

Once you've done that, you can leave this site and resume your normal browsing.

Then, when you want to add a page you are browsing to LinkLogr, all you need to do is hit the bookmarklet.

You can also manually add a link by clicking on "Manually add a link" at the top of your LinkLogr page (if you're logged in).

Installing bookmarklets
There are two versions of the bookmarklet:
You can add one (or both) of the bookmarklets above to your toolbar by either dragging the links to your toolbar, or if that doesn't work, you can right click on the link and click "Add to Favorites", then add it to the relevant bookmarks toolbar folder.

Managing links

This is really easy. When you're logged in, you will see your links split up into three categories, each sorted in reverse chronological order.

The first category are your unread links. Once you click on those links to read them, they will become read links. You can also unmark a read link and turn it back into an unread link.

You can also defer reading an unread link, in which case the link will move to the appropriate section of the page.

Each link has an "edit" link next to it. Press that and you can change the link's title or annotation, delete the link, or change the link's privacy setting.

Public vs private links

Links marked as private can only be seen by you when you're logged in. Public links are viewable by anyone. Your public links can be accessed in several ways: via RSS feed, or via your public page. Adding public links is a good way to share your links with friends.

Other features

Public RSS feed
If you're logged in, you'll see several links at the top of your homepage. One of these is a link to your public RSS feed which you can use with, for example, your blog, or which people can add to a feedreader. Stars
You can flag a link with a star. It's similar to the feature in Gmail where you can star an email.

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