What is this?
What can I use LinkLogr for?
You can use LinkLogr store links you want to come back to later. You can use it to manage your reading workflow (since LinkLogr categorises links as read, unread, or deferred). You can use the RSS feature to hook it up to a blog. You can use it to share links with friends, or keep a communal link log. And of course there are other uses you'll probably think of.

About this site
Why did you give this site such a lame name?
A stunning lack of creative inspiration and general apathy at the time. Then I registered the domain name and I was locked in.

Can you add a feature for me?
Let me know what you want added and if it's not too time consuming, I may do it.

Why did you make this?
This started off as a personal tool I made for my intranet. I figured that others might find it useful, so I rewrote it so it could be used by multiple users.

How do I contact you?
Use this form. (It goes to a page on my blog, so don't get confused when you appear on another site.)

If you find LinkLogr useful, a token donation via PayPal is appreciated!